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<Balkan Care> is an international guild formed on side of four friends that share multiple years of Molten experience. Objective of the guild is to gather up qualified players from our locations mostly who are prepared to balance between good party and serious access axle progression of endgame raiding of content. We recruit players who are active, who own responsibility of raiding, but readiness to learn to improve their knowledge. Our community is still in phase of forming and how all others will have their ups and downs. So, loyalty beyond opportunism is that what we appreciate and will get rewarded.
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The Light Of Dawn

‎Thursday ------ ICC 25hc at 20:00h
Friday --------- ICC 10hc at 20:00h
Sunday-------- RS 25normal and ICC 25normal at 20:00h
Monday---- ToGC 25 at 20:00h
Tuesday -------- Alt raid at 20:00h
‎Wednesday --------- Alt raid at 20:00h

*In case of holidays or similitude can come to changes of certain raids.
What's New
2 months Rizlaplus added the character Rizlamen